Our Products

1. Fraud Analytics:

Fraud analytics is the practice of identifying broken processes and practices inherently embedded in the way you deliver products and services to your clients. Through an in-depth review of this processes, we advise the best approach to undertake in terms of ensuring there are no obvious gaps that lead to fraud by internal or external syndicates.To quantify, we use data analytics to bring out the loss at hand and how a process re-engineering and use of proactive controls at 1st line defence would prevent actual loss. Our typical data sources would be the customer information, session data and transaction information.

2. Credit Analytics:

Credit analytics is all about identifying the best product to offer your clients in a way that does not lead to delinquencies, late payments and write-offs. We quantify and create a metric called a credit score using machine learning techniques that are consistently taking in data and re-balancing the credit score variables. The score is calculated every time a customer would like to borrow a loan and therefore protects both the obligor and the lender from incurring losses as a result of bad credit decision processes. This score is usually embedded in your lending application that enables seamless lending processes.

3. End to end digital lending solution:

During our experience, we have noted that the customers require an end to end solution and not just a product that offers a sub-set of the whole product delivery. We therefore provide you with all of the following in a 1 offering i.e. digital lending Product design and implementation:

  1. Written processes involved in Lending from on boarding to collection
  2. Data Points mapping from on boarding, mobile session and loan information
  3. Systems and Integration used i.e. CRB, Safaricom APIs
  4. Risk management offered above from control design and model validations
  5. Reporting of business performance as KPIs and KRIs on a periodic basis
  6. argeted pricing and cost tracking, mapping out break-even points
  7. Reporting to CRBs due to NPLs customer sub-setsn

4. Re-Sellers and strategic partners to global cutting edge solutions:

We have noted that for us to offer a complete solution offering from process governance review, data analytics and continuous monitoring, we needed to enter into strategic partnerships with cream vendors that are start-ups and/or established players in their area of expertise. This will save our customers the headache of searching for vendors because they may not be in a position to undertake a technical selection process to identify the best cost-effective and value-added solution. Additionally, we handle all formative processes from design, sourcing, project management, implementation, quality assurance, technical support, account management and continuous improvement as a complete offering. We prefer that our customers focus on their core mandate and leave to us the mechanics of supporting this core missions set out by the board.

Our Services

1. Client engagement and consulting phase:

This is the critical stage of identifying customer needs and proposing a solution that fits in. If this stage is improperly scoped and designed, it will lead to consequences that goes against our company values, wasted man-hours and incurred expenses and a dissatisfied customer.

2. Project management and implementation:

We undertake this process in close cooperation with your appointed team members. We ensure continuous and periodic project activities updates, timely escalations and delivery of project on time and cost.

3. Continuous monitoring and customer happiness and success:

The project once live, requires a process which ensures that validation through QA processes continues. As a company, we ensure that we continuously engage from a technical and consulting point so that there are no broken pieces. It is said that for any project, 65% of the lifecycle is spent on maintenance. We dedicate our time and resources effectively to ensure that the project as designed works like a well-oiled machine barring the usual system hiccups.

About the founder

The managing partner is John Kiptum Juma and is responsible for both strategic and operational aspects of running the business. John has a wealth of experience having worked in senior management roles in the banking and consulting industry in the area of risk management for the past 13 years. He is an alumnus of both Strathmore and Leicester (UK) universities at graduate and undergraduate levels.

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